Sunday, 3 August 2014

Adventures with Applewood - Glorious Cheesy Recipes!

So a couple of weeks ago the lovely people at Applewood sent me a box of their products to use to create some yummy, cheesy recipes - and, boy, have I enjoyed myself! I came up with six recipes so I'm going to spread this out over two posts and share three at a time.

As regular readers of Life from the Tub will know, I love cooking and cheese in all its wonderful forms is one of my favourite ingredients, so this was such a fun process. I got to try out some recipes I've wanted to cook for a while and come up with some brand new ones - all with a delicious smoked cheese twist.

So, here are the first three recipes I created:

Applewood and Prosciutto Croissants

I'd been wanting to make my own filled croissants for a while so I figured this was the perfect opportunity. I took pre-made croissant dough (if you're less lazy you can make your own!) and layered prosciutto and sliced Applewood Cheese Sticks. I rolled them up, baked them in the oven for about 15 minutes and ate them warm. As you can see, the cheese melts into a gooey, smoky, delicious mess and me and my boyfriend wolfed these down in a matter of minutes. Definitely one to make again!

Pulled Pork and Applewood Sandwiches:

A super easy one but perfect for a lazy Sunday dinner - I took inspiration from the Applewood website and simply sliced open a bread bun, filled it with lashing of BBQ pulled pork and topped it with a dollop of Applewood Spreadable. This was incredible!

Chicken, Gnocchi and Applewood Casserole:

I cooked this for dinner last week and it was an easy dish to make in advance, pop in the oven and enjoy at dinnertime. This will be a brilliant comforting dish for the colder months and I'll definitely be making it again later in the year.

I took gnocchi, chopped chicken breast and smoked bacon and mixed it with a sauce I made from Applewood Spreadable. I sprinkled grated cheese on top and baked it in the oven for half an hour. This was super filling and was enough for me and my boyfriend to have dinner (with seconds - oops!) and then lunch AND dinner the next day. It's definitely not the healthiest option out there but when I'm cooking with cheese I'd rather make a cheat meal I can enjoy once a week!


So, that's the first three recipes I made with my Applewood ingredients. I absolutely love cooking with these cheeses and I was sent them for free, though I've been using Applewood products for a longgg time now - if you haven't had crackers topped with Applewood Spreadable you haven't lived!

Next time I'll be posting my final three recipes, including Applewood pizza rolls! You can find out more about Applewood on their website or on their Twitter feed.

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