Monday, 9 June 2014

One Brand Face: Rimmel

So while I was rootling through my make up drawers the other day I decided to have a go at doing a full face of make up using only one brand. At first I figured this'd be super easy but when it came down to it there was only one brand where I owned a full range of products: Rimmel. And, to be fair, even that was pushing it as I realised I don't own any cheek products from the brand - eek! 

So, here's a look at the products I used:

I went with a natural-looking eye, using the Scandaleyes Kohl pencil to line my waterline, a dab of the silvery colour from the palette in my inner corners and then a couple of coats of the Retro Glam mascara...which is only okay, if I'm honest.

For my face I was pretty sorted, using the Match Perfection foundation, Wake Me Up concealer and Stay Matte powder. Then on the lips I used my only Rimmel lip product, a lipstick in a shade called Screamer. Nice.

However, that left my cheeks a little unloved as I don't own any Rimmel blushers or bronzers. In the end I got creative and dabbed some lipstick on the apples of my cheeks and blended it out. It's a bit ropey but it did give my cheeks a little bit of warmth.

So there you have it, my make up look using only Rimmel products. Ta-da! What do you think?

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