Friday, 11 April 2014

My Own Body Inspiration

When it comes to healthy eating and getting fit I think we all get a bit carried away when we picture our 'ideal bodies'. I know once I get on Pinterest and start checking out Victoria's Secret Angels I'm left a bit deflated because, in all honesty, I'm never going to have Candice Swanepoel's legs. Feeling disappointed about my body before I've even started a fitness regime is definitely not a healthy mindset to have, so instead of looking at celebrity bodies that I'd love to have, I've started focusing on what I know my body can look like.

I've always been quite curvy, whether I was a size 12 at seventeen or the size 18 I am now, so aiming for a boyish, lithe figure is unrealistic and only sets myself up for disappointment. However, aiming for a toned, hourglass body is definitely something I can achieve, as it's the body type I had a few years ago when I was fit and healthy. My legs have always been my least favourite feature - they're short and have always been big, even when I was at my fittest and worked out five times a week they were big. But they were toned and strong and that's something I've grown to love - though now there's some fat to work off before any muscle tone makes an appearance!

What I'm trying to say is that we should be realistic when we're imagining our ideal bodies. If you have an hourglass figure you're probably never going to look like Cameron Diaz, likewise if you have a banana body type (straight up and down) it's unlikely you'll end up with Kardashian curves - it doesn't make you any less beautiful but I think embracing your natural body shape is important, and it keeps your goals realistic and stops you setting yourself up to feel like a failure. 

I do have a folder on my computer of 'body inspiration' pictures but I'm also trying to look at my own body as inspiration. I've dug out some photos of myself from a time when I was very fit and healthy and I was surprised by how much I love the figure I had back then - all I remember about my body from that age was worrying that I was 'fat', which makes me so sad now, because looking back I think my body looked great and, man, I'd love to have the stomach I had in the bikini picture at the end of this post!

My body looked like that a few years ago, so I know obtaining that body shape is a realistic measure of what I can look like again; I just need to put a whole lot of elbow grease in and work hard, which I'm excited to do.

Plus, we need to keep in mind that photos of our own bodies haven't been airbrushed to death!

Do any of you look at old pictures of yourself for inspiration? What do you think of using yourself as inspiration, rather than celebrities?

My new body inspiration? Myself, at age 20!

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  1. Wow, Carly. I'd never be brave enough to (wear) show off a bikini photo. I've never actually considered looking at celeb photos as inspiration but I did once see another bikini photo from a friend of mine on Facebook (bitch) And the reason it had such an impact is that my friend and I have a similar body shape and we both had our two children at roughly the same time and had gained similar amounts of weight. And then she cut out all the shit from her diet and started working out and the result was the gorgeous picture of her in Italy wearing this very flattering bikini. This was last year (was it last year now?) and it was sort of the push I needed to do the 30 day shred. Perhaps I should dig out my old teen photos again and use them as inspiration for what I could achieve for myself.

    What a great post, I really love it. And good luck to you on your body goals!