Tuesday, 4 March 2014


A cherry vodka cocktail - YUM

Lovely bloggers! Kathleen (from Kathleen Pavey), Tasha (from Elsie Delilah) and Amy (from Amy Loves)

Alllllllll the vodka cocktails

My outfit of the day!

Goodie bags!


Goodies (part two!)

On Saturday I attended the #BrizBlogMeet, along with a whole bunch of other lovely fashion and beauty bloggers, and had an absolute blast! I'm a big fan of meet ups and if any bloggers reading this haven't attended a meet up then I really do recommend it; it's such a brilliant way to meet other like-minded people, chat about blogging and make some new friends!

I met up with my pal, the gorgeous Amy from Amy Loves, and we headed to the event together, where we met up with a group of other bloggers who I spent the afternoon with. Everybody I hung out with was so much fun and, as I always say after meet ups, it was so inspiring to spend a day surrounded by a group of young girls and not hear so much as one bitchy word. There's nothing but encouragement and friendship and it's something I've really noticed - go supportive bloggers!

As well as bloggers, brands and a dash of booze, we were also lucky enough to be joined by Natalia from iamsociable, to talk to us about positive thinking, empowerment and turning our creative dreams into reality. This is absolutely perfect timing for me, as I finish my job this Friday to start my own copy writing business, so I definitely needed a pep talk about believing in myself! Natalia was an absolute star and I completely recommend getting in touch with @iamsociable_uk on Twitter to find out more.

An absolutely huge thank you has to go to Emily from Pretty Please and her boyfriend Phill for organising such a fantastic day. I had the best time and went home exhausted, inspired and laden with insanely generous goodie bags - thank you both so much for all the effort you put in and huge thanks to the brands for providing so many bits and bobs, I can't wait to try them all out and get reviewing!


  1. Lovely post Carly, so jealous of your camera/photos! Kathleen xxx

  2. Had a fab time, was lovely to see you xx

  3. It was so nice to see you again, I really hope we can all meet up for coffee some time soon!
    I want to hear all about your new business ventures :)

    Emily x - prettypleaseblog.co.uk