Monday, 13 January 2014

Take Three: Mascaras (Benefit They're Real, Lancome Hynpose Drama, Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam)

For today's Take Three installation I'm having a look at three mascaras that I've been using lately - Benefit They're Real, Lancome Hynpose Drama and Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam. 


The Benefit and Lancome mascaras are both sample sizes I got in a Sephora mascara collection but they're both more or less the same as the standard packaging, aside from the bottle shape. For packaging I think the Lancome offering is the sleekest and the black and gold always looks nice. While the packaging of all three doesn't extend far beyond a generic mascara tube, I think I'd pick the Lancome Hynose if I was going on packaging alone.

So, aesthetics done, shall we take a look at each one in more detail? I've tested each one on lightly curled lashes, with one coat only:

Benefit They're Real

As you can see this one definitely elongates my lashes and enhances the eyes and with a couple more coats this really does have a huge effect. However, my slight gripe with this one is that it makes my lashes quite long and straight rather than curly - I think curlier lashes look more natural so I don't think this is one to go for if you want a natural look; this is one for a big night out, big lashes look.

While this elongates my lashes more than any of the other choices, this one feels the most like I'm wearing mascara. It does weigh my lashes down and if I touch them they feel a bit crispy and rigid, which does worry me a little!

This is one of the best mascaras I've used for staying put and not flaking or leaving lack smudges under my lower lashes, which is something I often suffer with. This is a pretty awesome mascara and, while I don't think it deserves *quite* as much hype as it gets, it is one I think I'll always have in my make up drawers.

Lancome Hynpose Drama

Oh wow, I love the effect this one gives my lashes! This is a very recent addition to my make up routine and within a couple of uses I knew I'd be buying the full size as soon as my sample size runs out.

This formula holds a curl so, so well and my lashes look the same twelve hours after application, not a single bit of flaking or smudging. With two coats of this my lashes look huge and curled - I love it.

What I love most about this mascara is how natural it looks, while other mascaras might make my eyelashes look longer than this, I prefer a more natural look and Lancome Hynpose Drama makes lashes look full and curled, rather than fake. For me, this one's an absolute winner - I might love it as much as my trusty Seventeen Doll'd Up mascara, though this one does carry a heftier price tag.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam

This is the first mascara I've tried from Rimmel and I was pleasantly surprised - the £6.99 price tag did make me wonder if this would stand up against Benefit and Lancome but this is definitely a great product for the price.

It does lengthen my lashes quite significantly and I really like how it looks on my bottom lashes in particular. I'm not bowled over by what it does to my upper lashes but it's certainly enough for a day time look; I don't often wear mascara to work or during the day but if I'm popping out for lunch or something this is perfect to apply in a jiffy.

This doesn't last as long as the other two mascaras but it will certainly get me through six hours or so before it starts to smudge a bit. It's easily removed as well, which always makes me happy, as scrubbing my eyes at the end of the day is never a good thing!

Comparison Shot

So there we go, which one is your favourite? 

The Lancome Hypnose Drama is my pick of the bunch because I love the formula and the gorgeous, natural curl is gives my lashes. Benefit They're Real packs the biggest punch for a night out and, just because it's not high end, that doesn't mean the Rimmel offering isn't without merit - this is a great choice for an every day mascara that does the job you need without the big price tag.

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  1. I'd definitely say the Lancome one is my favourite in terms of how it looks on your lashes. The other two look kind of sparse in places whereas the Lancome one looks more even all the way along the lashes and looks great on the outter lashes x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty