Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 Blogging Resolutions

So the ball has well and truly dropped and 2014 is upon us! There's something so lovely about a brand new year, isn't there? It's a clean slate, a fresh start and the opportunity to turn over a new leaf and make some really positive changes. Although, every day is a good day to make a change, there's nothing like a new year to kickstart plans.

1. Interact More with the Blogging Community:

This year I've really loved making friends with so many wonderful bloggers and this is something I want to continue in 2014. You're a lovely lot but sometimes I don't feel like I chat to people as much as I could - instead of taking part in the #bbloggers chats when I have time I want to prioritise them instead.

2. Say 'No' More:

As always! I have quite a lot of commitments in my life and in 2013 I well and truly burned out and couldn't cope with the pressure I'd put on myself. I often find myself getting guilted into committing to things I don't really want to do so this year I need to get serious about this one and, if this is the right word, I need to be a bit more selfish and really think about what's best for me, rather than trying to keep everybody else happy to my own detriment. Sometimes it's okay to be a bit selfish!

3. Stick to a Skincare Routine:

I firmly got into a skincare routine in 2013 and I want to continue with this in 2014. Not a day goes by where I don't take my make up off and moisturise (et al!) but I'd like to experiment with other skincare products out there - I have a huge wishlist so I gradually want to try out some more high end products.

4. Experiment More with Make Up:

I feel like this one is on everybody's list but it's definitely a good one. I got into a bit of a 'smokey brown' eye look in 2013 and while I like it, I want to try more colours and different styles. I experimented a lot more with lip colours last year so I want to carry on with this, as it's great that I now have the confidence to head out for the day sporting a spot of Ruby Woo!

5. Keep Photo Albums:

I was very lucky to be given a gorgeous camera for my birthday in December so 2014 is going to be the year of photography for me! Instead of leaving my favourite shots languishing in a folder on my laptop I want to make the effort to print out my photos and arrange them in some albums or in collages on my walls.

6. Do More Quality Things:

Now, I'm a terrible sucker for spending an afternoon surfing the Internet instead of actually going out and doing something useful, so I want to spend more time in 2014 going out to new places with my boyfriend, taking my dog on different walking routes and watching the movies and reading the books I've had on my list for years now.

7. Be Healthier:

Yup, this old chestnut. Boring as it is, it's on my list. I know I'm not particularly healthy and this is something I always want to change. I feel like now's the time I'm really ready to make some great changes and I can't wait. My boyfriend is a big gym fan so he's going to help whip me into a fitter version of myself! While I do want to lose weight I want to do it healthily and in a way that's enjoyable. I love cooking and I don't want to give up lovely home-cooked dinners so this year it's all about balance. I want to tone up, improve my fitness, get enough sleep, eat wholesome, yummy food and enjoy having the energy to bound out of bed in the mornings!

So there we have it! My resolutions for 2014 - hopefully I can stick to them. So tell me, what's on your list?

New Year's Eve 2013 face!

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  1. Loved reading this post. I certainly agree with the 'say no more' aim. I always find myself not wanting to let people down and feeling like I'm drowning in things to do and people to please. Let's hope 2014 can change that for us both. Vicki - A Life of Geekery