Sunday, 1 September 2013

A Week in the Life (1)

This week's been a bit of a jumbled one for me. Obviously Monday was a bank holiday and I used it to its full potential by watching ten episodes of Breaking Bad - constructive! Tuesday to Thursday were full of the usual grumbling about returning to work and having the obligatory skint few days before payday.

Friday face mask!

Friday dawned sunny and hopeful - payday! Friday! Nearly the weekend! Date night! All around excellent things. I had a Dairylea Dunker at work which is surely the sign of a truly glorious day, right? I think so.

Nails in Barry M's Goldmine

My boyfriend arrived home on Friday night with a bag of clinking bottles and told me the plan for the date he'd decided on; dinne at TGIs followed by a highly competitive game of drinking Jenga with some flavoured spirits he'd picked up from M&S. Gingerbread rum? Yes please!

Seriously recommend these!

We ate a ludicrous amount of food at TGIs - it was definitely a cheat day, sorry healthy eating but it was time for carbs! I'm talking cheesy nachos, sesame chicken strips and the biggest Jack Daniels steak, chicken and shrimp grill I've ever laid eyes on. Yum yum yum.

Me and the boy post-Jenga!

I don't think I need to tell you who won Drinking Jenga... of course I did. 2-1; thought I'd better him a chance in one round ;). It was a lovely evening with my number one chap and I think we both slept pretty soundly after so much food and drink!

Jenga champion 2013

Yesterday I spent the day in Winchester with three of my oldest friends, which was brill! We all live in different parts of the country so only all get together a few times a year, so when we do there is a LOT of talking. Seeing these girls is always a highlight; Skype and FaceTime are great but nothing beats the real thing.

Beautiful Winchester cathedral

And that brings me to today...which is a much needed lazy one! I'm dog sitting my mum's little dog so can't venture too far but me and the boy are popping into town to get some boring things done for our holiday (1 month and 3 days to go). After that I intend to spend the rest of the day catching up on Breaking Bad (no spoilers please!), reading lots of lovely blogs and selling my worldly possessions on eBay!

TGIs cocktails... Well, mocktails to be more precise!

I hope you all had a great week - what did you get up to? Let me know in the comments!

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