Thursday, 8 August 2013

Benefit Rockateur Blush

What's that, you say? Benefit are bringing out a new blusher to add to their line of popular Box o' Powders? They are, indeed. Rockateur is the latest offering from Benefit, due to hit shops in October this year. Select Boots stores and the Debenhams website offered flash sales over the last week or so, allowing beauty fans to snap up the blusher weeks before it's on general release.

As a huge Benefit fan I couldn't resist and ordered myself Rockateur as soon as it came online via Debenhams. I waited (very impatiently) for it to arrive and was pretty darn excited to see a little Debenhams package waiting for me when I got home from work today - it arrived speedily and well-wrapped so big thanks to Debenhams for that!

I tested this little beauty straight away and, dear lord, it's love!

Everything from the packaging to the creamy quality of the blush to the scent to the gorgeous glow it gives my cheeks - this is an absolute winner. I already have a fair few Benefit blushers in my make up drawers but this is almost certainly my favourite, even after one application. It makes my cheeks look naturally flushed in a way I've never been able to achieve with any blusher I've owned before. It's the perfect rose gold shade with just a hint of shimmer - I adore it.

I'm so glad I decided to order Rockateur while I had the chance - it's an absolutely beautiful shade and I know I'm going to be reaching for this one time and time again. I 100% recommend picking this one up when it's out in October!

Left: Artificial light // Right: Natural light
 What do you think? Are you planning on buying Rockateur in October?

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