Saturday, 20 July 2013

Project Beauty Blitz

So, in just over two and a half months I'm heading off to Florida for two glorious weeks of sun, swimming and shopping. And theme parks and horrendous amounts of carbs but they didn't quite fit in with my alliteration.


I'm going to do a lot of shopping. A lot. Most of it, I'm sure, will be beauty-related because, hello, Sephora! Because I'm planning on buying a whole suitcase load of beauty products I definitely need to have a big clear out before I go.

Enter Project Beauty Blitz.

From now and the beginning of October I'm planning on overhauling my beauty products (make up, skin care and toiletries) and using up as many half empty bottles/products as I can. I'm also going to reorganise *everything* and donate anything I know I'm never going to use to Give and Make Up or family/friends.

I'm hoping this is going to leave me with some clear shelves and drawers ready to be restocked with all of my American goodies!

So, after clearing out a couple of drawers I've grouped together the first basket of products I need to use up or pass on to other people before I leave:

Skincare and toiletries

Make up

I'll keep you guys updated with my progress and my final statistics but over the next ten weeks I'm hoping to use up or get rid of fifty things - which leaves me space for fifty new things, right? That's how it works... right?!

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