Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekly Round Up

So I've decided to start doing a little weekly round up of what I've bought, watched and got up to over the past seven days, to help me keep track of the bits and bobs I've been up to...and where I've been spending my money!

I've had a bit of a busy one this week but managed to have a nice, relaxing weekend, which has been lovely. I've been reading, writing and editing like crazy ahead of the writing holiday next week but as that's pretty much my favourite thing to do in the world I'm a happy bunny! Next week I'm escaping to a gorgeous cottage in Somerset for a long weekend with my wonderful writing group and I cannot wait. Before I go I'm heading to a publishing event (which I'll report on over at my book blog) where I'll get to hang out with one of my favourite publishing houses and some brilliant authors, so it's set to be a very bookish week indeed.

Purchases of the week: Part way through this week we headed into February and my mini make up spending ban began, so my only purchase this week was an ELF haul when they had their 48% discount. I have to say, I was seriously impressed that my items were dispatched the next day and arrived two days later...whereas I still haven't even had an email about the MUA items I ordered almost two weeks ago!

I picked up a few bits from the Studio range I'd been wanting for ages (including the HD powder, HD blush and HD undereye setting powder) and it came to £19 including delivery, so I'm pretty chuffed!

TV shows of the week: I caught up with Girls and watched more of Ripper Street. Oh, and of COURSE I watched The Big Reunion - did anyone else catch it? Pure nostalgia, every single second!

Films of the week: I went for a second viewing of Les Mis, which I loved just as much second time around. I also headed to the cinema to see Django Unchained, which was absolutely incredible! One of the best films I've seen in a long, long time and possibly my new favourite Tarantino movie. I won't ramble on too much about art direction and cinematography but everything about it, from the soundtrack to the framing was brilliant. Obviously difficult to watch in places, due to the content, but absolutely recommended.

At home we only watched one film this week; the US version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think it lost its way just a tad in the second third but really enjoyable - Rooney Mara is fantastic and the soundtrack was great.

Highlight of the week: Spending an hour on Skype with my best friend, who is currently living and working in El Salvador. I talk to her pretty much every day on Facebook but it's always lovely to actually see and speak to her properly!

Meals out: I only ate out once this week, when I headed to Nando's and the cinema (to see Django). I was a boring diet person and checked out the nutritional information on the website beforehand so I went for a chicken burger and ratatouille, which was lovely!

Workouts/Weight loss: This week I lost 1lb. Obviously not the biggest loss in the world but a pound's a pound so I'm happy. With exercise I kind of failed this week... I only made it to the gym once and I fitted in a workout at home. So... Two this week, which definitely isn't enough!

So that's my round up of this week! It was a busy, fun week and I managed to go out for a meal and make healthy choices, which was a big ole win in my book :).

What did you guys get up to this week? Let me know!


  1. Theeeeo :) Well done on your weight loss love, a pound is a pound and it's all in the right direction! Love Girls, I need to start on the second series online! And I just got back from a cheeky Nandos! xxx

  2. I love Girls, need to catch up with the latest episode though :) x

  3. Fun post! I was going to write a post similar to this fairly regularly, but I've been doing nothing interesting with myself lately. No tv, no films, no socialising. I am such a dull person.

    I've heard nothing but good things about Django Unchanined! And ugh. I've gained back all the weight that I lost from the shred and it's really quite depressing. I keep saying to myself that I'll start running again or take up Zumba or something, but NOTHING. My motivation is gone and something needs to change :(

  4. I just finished the first season of Girls, love it :)