Monday, 18 February 2013

Weekly Round Up (2)

Last week felt a bit...bitty, if that makes sense. Nothing major happened and it was a bit of a quiet one but my boyfriend was away for most of the week so I had our place to myself, which was the perfect excuse to lounge around watching lots of Family Guy and generally being unproductive. It was fun, though!

Purchases of the week: My spending ban is going swimmingly! So far I've only bought one DVD (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and five nail polishes from the Barry M Spring collection (which I had pre-decided to allow myself) so I'm pleased with myself. I'm still waiting for my Barry M stuff to arrive but I'll be blogging about it as soon as it does, as I cannot wait to try out the different polishes!

TV shows of the week: It's actually the same as in my last weekly round up but Girls is killing it at the moment. This week's episode absolutely slayed me and I spent a good ten minutes afterwards weeping, alone, on my sofa. Tragic, isn't it? The Patrick Wilson storyline was beautiful and perfectly-executed and Lena Dunham can do absolutely no wrong, in my eyes. I think she's a bit of a genius.

Film of the week: So I finally watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower this week. Perks is my favourite YA book of all time, I don't want to sound too melodramatic but it actually changed me a little bit so obviously I was excited to see the film. I was also a bit hesitant, if I'm honest, because I hold the book so dear I didn't want to see it ruined. Though, with Chbosky directing it what could go wrong? Answer: NOTHING. It's perfect. And I'm not even joking when I say I fancy every male cast member. Logan Lerman (yes, he's only twenty one; I CARE NOT), Ezra Miller, Paul Rudd AND Dylan McDermott in one film? Jeez Louise, gird your loins, ladies.

Highlight of the week: I had a great writing week this week. I managed to write just over 5000 words over the weekend and I nailed a scene that's been bugging me for ages so I'm very chuffed with that! I also took part in #frinightwrites for the first time and had a blast - if any writers are reading this I definitely recommend it, so look out for it on Twitter next Friday night.

Meals out: None! As part of my spending ban I'm trying to save money in all areas, which includes no unnecessary meals out. I am planning on having a cheeky takeaway with my boyfriend tonight, though, but I'm going to keep everything in moderation in a bid to be kind of, sort of well behaved. Maybe. Until I browse the Just-Eet website, lose all control and order ALL the Chinese. EGG FRIED RICE, GET IN MY MOUTH.

Workouts/Weight loss: All right, I'm going to be honest. I did not a stitch of exercise this week. Nada. It's bad, I know. But I was on good behaviour with my eating and lost 2lbs. Slow and steady, folks, slow and steady...


So, what did you all get up to this week? Do you share my Logan Lerman/Ezra Miller/Paul Rudd/Dylan McDermott/EVERY MALE SPECIMEN crush or am I just a big ole horndog? Let me know!

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  1. Hi hun,

    really enjoyed reading this post as its soo different. i totally agree with you about trying to save money.. i get sooo tempted! especially reading all these blogs! x