Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Wishlist: Dorothy Perkins

So Dorothy Perkins is a shop I have a mixed relationship with. Sometimes I can't get enough of their dresses but sometimes I feel a bit apathetic towards what they bring out. At the moment I'm not exactly blown away but there are a few bits and bobs I've got my eye in, including the following:

1. Pink Buckle Satchel - £28 // 2. Vintage Style Stud Pack - £10 // 3. Rose Bloom Prom Dress - £39 // 4. Yellow Floral Pleated Maxi - £24 // 5. Cream Love Birds Jumper - £28

I think out of the above I'm definitely going to have to get the earrings and the dress, though I am quite taken with the skirt too! Which of these do you like the best? Have you got any recommendations from Dorothy Perkins that I should take a look at?


  1. That bag!!!!!! I love it..... it's gorgeous and £28 isn't too bad either :) Xx

  2. Love the dress and the jumper! I really like the bag as well, but it would go with NOTHING I own...

  3. Thank you for your lovely comment, you should try them they're amaze! I had extensions once but they were huge and looked a bit silly so if i ever get them again i'll opt for more subtle ones haha.

    LOVE that bag- it is soo cute. I love Dorothy Perkins, and i love my student discount card haha!xxx

  4. It's a bit hit and miss with Dorothy Perkins, I find as well. But I love that dress.