Saturday, 26 January 2013

The Body Shop Love Etc Solid Perfume

A couple of Christmases ago I got a bottle of the Body Shop Love Etc perfume, which I really loved. I used the bottle up quite quickly and never got round to replacing it, so when I saw the solid perfume come up in the Body Shop sale after Christmas this year I decided to pick it up. This is my first solid perfume and, while it isn’t as long-lasting as the bottled perfume, it was well worth the sale price of £2.50.

The Body Shop describes Love Etc as a ‘heart-stopping fusion of jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood notes.’ While I’m utterly crap at discerning particular scents in a perfume I could pick up the vanilla and sandalwood straight away, though the vanilla is the strongest that comes through.

This is quite an interesting scent; I haven’t owned anything similar and while it isn’t one of my all time favourites I do think I’ll keep either a bottle or a solid perfume in my collection. It reminds me of summer evenings and trips to the beach, so it’s definitely a good way to combat the winter blues.

The solid perfume comes in a cute heart-shaped container that I’m definitely going to reuse after it’s empty. It has the consistency of a lip butter and melts into the skin. It dries instantly and doesn’t feel at all sticky, if anything it’s so soft it feels almost powdery. My only issue with this is that it doesn’t last as long as the bottled perfume, though it definitely hangs around for a good three/four hours. Plus, the tin is so diddy it’s not a problem to carry this around with you, so the staying power isn’t a massive issue.

For me, I don’t think solid perfumes will ever replace bottled fragrances but I love the idea and I’ll definitely look out for more in the future. If anyone has any recommendations do let me know in the comments.

The Love Etc solid perfume doesn’t appear to be available on the Body Shop website at the moment, so do have a look in your local store to see if it’s still in stock, as it’s currently 50% off in the sale. But even at full price (£5) it’s a bargain.


  1. Yum Vanilla. I'm going to have to have a look for this in town on Monday, my beloved Vanilla and Tonka Bean spray is running low. :(

  2. I've never heard of solid perfumes before, do they last long? Sounds like it smells nice :D


  3. I love the body shop perfumes I get one for xmas every year. I had this one but it gave me a bit of a headache so It became my night out perfume hah