Sunday, 13 January 2013

Review: The Maybelline Fit Me Range

I’ve always been a fan of Maybelline foundations and up until recently the Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid was my go-to. I was browsing some freebie websites last year and applied for a sample of the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation on a whim. I’ve always been happy with my Dream Satin so wasn’t particularly looking out for another foundation but I’m not one to turn down trying out a new product.

In case you haven’t seen or heard about the Fit Me range, it’s a numbered system that lets you know the perfect concealer and powder based on your foundation shade, which is supposed to give you an awesome little triforce of facial products that match your skin tone. I did get a tad confused, as the adverts I saw in my local Boots store gave me a different set of shades to my results on the website but after swatching each set of results I went with the below colour combination, which does seem perfect for my skin colour.

After receiving my foundation sample I fell in love with it so much I plonked all three products on my Christmas wishlist and was lucky enough to get given all three by my lovely boyfriend. I’ve been using these three for the last couple of weeks so I thought I’d do a joint review for the whole range.

The foundation (shade 115):

As I’m pasty as hell I opted for foundation shade 115, which is the light shade available – I never really realised I’m so pale but apparently so!

The foundation comes in a simple glass container and I really like the design and shape of the bottle. The lid could do with being a bit sturdier but as I take my sample tube if I want to reapply while I’m out and about this isn’t a problem for me.

The foundation is fairly light coverage and leaves an almost powdery finish after application. It’s a lovely, creamy formula and is so easy to apply and blend. It just melts into my skin and is such a perfect fit for my skin colour. I love this foundation so much; it’s hands down the best foundation I’ve ever used. It lasts all day long, even if I don’t use a primer, and it covers any dark circles or blemishes without masking my skin too much.

Even better, it’s only £7.99 and can be purchased here. If you only pick up one product from the Fit Me range make it the foundation!

The concealer (shade 10):

In matching packaging, the Fit Me concealer comes in a plastic tube with a doe foot wand applicator. I am a fan of the packaging for this range; it’s simple and, while it’s not particularly revolutionary, the products all look nice when lined up together.

The formula for the concealer is a little thicker than the foundation and I found it made my skin more matte and less glowy. As it’s thicker it does mask the skin more than the foundation – but I found I didn’t need to use very much concealer at all, as the foundation does such a great job of hiding blemishes.

I wouldn’t say there’s anything massively wrong with this concealer but it’s not as amazing as the foundation. I’m happy to keep using this but I’m not 100% sure whether or not I’ll repurchase. For me it doesn’t offer anything over a run of the mill concealer. The price is right, though, at a low £5.99 and it can be purchased here.

The powder (shade 120):

Unfortunately the Fit Me powder is my least favourite product out of the three. I was blown away by the foundation, pleased by the concealer but left distinctly underwhelmed by the pressed powder.

It comes in a plastic compact with a powder puff concealed underneath the powder, which is quite a nice touch. That said, I don’t really use the puff to apply the powder as I find it goes on better with a generic powder brush.

Sorry about the odd lighting with this one - it wouldn't behave!

While the powder certainly didn’t make my make up look cakey or patchy I don’t feel like it had any impact on my face. I might as well have left the foundation without any powder on top for all the good it does. I don’t tend to use much powder when it comes to my day to day make up, just enough to set my foundation and mattify any oily matches but after I apply the powder my face looks exactly the same as it did before.

I’ll carry on using this powder until it runs out but it’s not something I’ll repurchase as I’ve tried many pressed powders that are much, much better. The pressed powder retails at £5.99 and can be purchased here.

Final thoughts:

I like the packaging and the simplicity of this range; once you’ve found your foundation shade it is very simply to pick out the two matching products and I do find that the three shades of the foundation, powder and concealer all look perfect together.

When it comes to repurchasing the only one I’m likely to pick up again is the foundation, which I’ll definitely be buying! The concealer is worth a try for the price tag but I wouldn’t really recommend the powder, unless you’re looking for something very subtle.

Face full of Fit Me!


  1. Great review, I really like the sound of the foundation. Such a shame the powder didn't impress much. There are so many average powders out there it is hard to find a good one.
    Will definitely be checking the liquid foundation out though :) x

  2. I had the foundation sample and at first I wasnt too happy but I am loving this at the moment! I love how it adapts your skin tone!
    hareem x

  3. Lovely review, I've tried the foundation too but can't quite get the colour match right! I think I might try this shade as I'm pale too!
    New follower :) xox

  4. The foundation sounds perfect! Will definitely be keeping an eye out for this xx