Thursday, 24 January 2013

Phil Smith Big It Up! Thickening Volume Cream

I’m not a huge user of hair products, if I’m honest. I’m quite lucky with my hair, in that it tends to behave itself and is pretty easy to style, so I try to use as few styling products as possible (aside from my beloved Moroccan Oil, which I’ve been using religiously for two years now).

That said, if there’s one area my hair does need help in it’s volume. As my hair is long and thick it can get dragged down and appear quite flat, so I have experimented with a few volumising products over the years. I haven’t found one in particular that I like enough to stick to so I’m always on the look up for something new to try. I was browsing the sales after Christmas and picked up the Big It Up! Thickening Volume Cream by Phil Smith from my local Sainsbury’s. It was half price so ended up costing me a mere £2.04.

This is the first Phil Smith product I’ve tried and, I have to say, I’m really impressed. As it was so cheap I wasn’t sure how well it work would, especially as I’ve tried some much pricier creams and sprays that haven’t done the job as well.

When I use this I roughly towel dry my hair to get rid of any excess water, then when my hair’s half dry I squeeze out a little bit, rub it between my palms and scrunch my hands through my hair from the tips to the roots. Once that’s done I either blow dry my hair or leave it to dry naturally – I find the results are the same whether I blow dry or not, which is nice as it means I don’t always have to use heat on my hair to create volume.

I really do notice a difference in my hair when I use this cream. It creates a nice little lift in my hair that really lasts between washes but it doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or full of product. It smells lovely too! I wouldn’t say it makes my hair feel any thicker but for me that’s no issue as my hair’s already thick. I think this cream is perfect to give thick, heavy hair a subtle boost so I’d definitely recommend it to anybody looking for a cheap and easy way to revitalise a flat ‘do.

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