Friday, 7 December 2012

Review: MUA English Rose Mosaic Blusher

I’d had my eye on the MUA English Rose mosaic blusher for a long old time so I finally bit the bullet and purchased it when their awesome 35% off sale was going on. I’ve become a bit of a blusher fan of late so I couldn’t wait to try this out, as it’s actually the first mosaic blusher I’ve owned.

I’ve been so impressed with the MUA products I’ve used so far; they feel far better quality than they should be for their price tag and I haven’t had a dud yet. This blusher is one of the better products I’ve tried and I’m now on the hunt for more mosaic blushers – anybody have any they recommend?

The blusher is made up of numerous shades, from pearly peaches to bronze and rose tones. I prefer to swirl my blush brush across the whole pan to get the full mix of colours but I’ve tried concentrating my brush into the lighter shades, which products more of a highlighter effect, which is quite pretty.

The powder is so soft but really keeps its shape, so there’s no blurring between the different colours. Not that I’ve noticed yet, anyway, but I have only used this a few times. I have noticed it fades a little after a few hours but the staying power is pretty impressive – especially when you consider this will set you back a lowly £2.50!

The colours aren’t particularly pigmented so this is a product you’ll need to build up. That can be a good or bad thing, depending on your tastes but it suits me well as I prefer to start off with a paler colour and build up, especially as I can be prone to slapping on a bit too much blush and ending up a little 80s music video…not good!

On the left you can see how this looks in natural light (that was taken six or so hours after application) and on the right is the blush photographed in artificial light (taken just after about 6.30am, which is why I look so blimmin' cranky. Literally giving my camera evils).

There is a fair amount of shimmer in this blush which I like but I know it’s not everybody’s thing. I think this one would also look great as a highlight on top of a deeper blush for a night out. All in all I’m a big fan of the English Rose blush and I’m looking forward to trying MUA’s mosaic bronzer next.

You can pick this one up from the MUA website or in Superdrug stores or online for £2.50.

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