Wednesday, 5 December 2012

On My Wishlist: New Look (1)

I can be quite up and down when it comes to New Look; sometimes I think their collections are gorgeous and my wishlist is full of their items but sometimes it all just feels so samey and there isn't much to hold my interest. I'm not completely blown away by what they're stocking at the moment but there are a few things that I'm really, really itching to buy.

New Look always do good cardigans, I think, and I'm a huge fan of their shoes as their heels are so comfy. You can always pick up a great bargain in their sales so I'm really looking forward to raiding their website post-Christmas to try and snap up some great deals. Hopefully I'll be able to nab a few of these bad boys, as these are the current items at the top of my New Look wishlist:

1. Red Jacquard Print Tea Dress   2. Sliver and Blue Peace Wing Charm Earrings   3. Olive Stud Slipper Shoes   4. Limited Black Suede Glitter Chunky Heel Shoes   5. Red and Black Cross Print Jumper   6. Khaki Contrast Leather Look Sleeve Jacket   7. Navy Velvet 1/2 Sleeve Skater Dress   8. Mink Structured Wing Tote Bag

I'm most desperate for the earrings, the olive studded shoes and the winged tote bag, so I may snap and order these ASAP, although I know as soon as I do they're bound to get discounted so I should really hold out... we'll see! I'd love to order the red and black cross jumper but I've learned the hard way that I high neck is not the most flattering for my ample bosom...

I have been lusting after these earrings for a while but I know I have all the supplies and tools to knock up a similar pair myself, it's just so much easier to part with £2.99 to buy them rather than put in the effort to make them. Good lord, I am one lazy so and so!

Do you like the look of any of these items? If so, which ones are at the top of your wishlist?


  1. You know, one of the things that I tried to do this year was wear more dresses. It happens maybe once a week at the most, so I'll have to step that up in the new year. I'm hoping to pick up some great dressy bargains in the sales this year.

    I'm loving that first dress, mostly because of the colour. And that jacket, actually.

    1. Gooooooo dresses. Obviously I'm Team Dress so this makes me very happy indeed! I really love the jacket too - I wasn't sure about the contrasting sleeves when I first saw people wearing them but they've really grown on me.x

  2. love these items especially the jumper <3

  3. gorgeous shoes, both pairs! the jumper is also cute!